How to choose the right tile? Tile installation oklahoma

Tile installation
tile installation oklahoma
Sellers of construction stores are already accustomed to the kind of confused clients who do not really know what they need. Even when choosing a tile, such people often can not count how much it is necessary. If the design of the bathroom involves the combination of several colors or tiles of different sizes, the calculation of the required amount turns into flour. In the end, the builders are buying tiles, and after a while they return to return the remains or buy the missing 0.5m2. And if the use of residues in large stores is usually practiced, then problems with the purchase of missing materials may occur.
It may turn out that one of these batches of goods has already been sold, and to order another store does not plan or the shade of a new batch of tiles does not coincide with the previous one. In the store you will not notice it, and at home on the wall, such a difference will be greatly in the eye. The cost of a quality tile is rather high, so it is not worth buying it "on the eye". It is necessary to make a precise calculation and only then go for a purchase.

Tile in bathroom on the floor and walls
tile installation okc
To avoid all these troubles when choosing a tile, follow this algorithm. First, measure the walls and floor of the bathroom. Then go to the store, choose a tile and be sure to ask the seller if there is enough quantity for you exactly this product. If there is, be sure to write down the size of the tile and the direction of the drawing on the decor. Now go home and do your calculations. On a sheet of paper, draw up a plan for your bathroom in a deployed form (each wall separately), while keeping the scale. Now apply the tile contours on the walls. The height and width of the wall rarely turns out to be a multiple of the size of the tile, which means it will have to cut it. It is precisely on the plan that it is easier to determine the places where the cut tile will be the least noticeable. In addition, accurate calculation will allow you to significantly reduce the number of pruners. When the plan is ready, count the required number of tiles of different colors. In order not to be mistaken, make calculations not in square meters, but in the number of tiles. Now you can go back to the store and buy the material, but do not forget that besides the tile you will need a glue for it. If the repair work in your bathroom will be done by a hired employee, he will tell you which glue to buy.
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