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In the modern interior painting walls - a fashionable and popular way of finishing the premises. It is only necessary to choose the right paint for finishing and observe the technology.

Types of paint
For residential premises, water-based paints are more suitable. Water-based paints are not toxic and lie on any surface (except metallic). Water-based paints have a porous structure. Walls under the layer of paint "breathe". This creates a healthy microclimate in the room. Water-based paint creates a durable, beautiful coating that retains its brightness and freshness for a long time.
Some types of paint are suitable only for dry rooms. But there is a water-based paint, suitable for use in wet rooms. It:
  • acrylic paint
  • acrylic paint with latex
  • silicone paint
  • silicate paint
These types of paints can safely paint the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. They are not afraid of moisture, pollution, walls will be easy to wash.

Bathroom with grey walls and white ceiling
affordable apartment painting Oklahoma

A new technology in painting walls - the use of "mosaic" or "granite" paint. This paint consists of small bubbles. It is sprayed with a special gun. When the paint is applied to the wall, a pattern similar to a granite texture is obtained.
Another new paint - "velor". In addition to air bubbles, the paint contains tiny solid particles. The surface covered with such paint, in appearance, resembles velor (although in fact, it is smooth). There is one kind of paint - "mother of pearl" or "chameleon". The paint changes the shade of color depending on the angle of view. In this paint is added natural mother of pearl.

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